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  • Old-school 8c by Stefano Carnati (15) April 18, 2014
    Stefano Carnati has made the probably fourth ascent of Spirit Walker 8c in Sasso Remenno which was put up in 1991. Last year Stefano won both the Europe and the World Youth Lead Championships. In the European Bouldering Championship he was #2 and he won the three Euro Bouldering Cups. Stefano has previously this year done his first 8c+ and onsighted two 8a+. […]
  • First 8c by Hugo Parmentier (15) April 17, 2014
    Hugo Parmentier who was #2 in the Youth World Champions last year has done his first 8c, Bébéretcho in La Verriere and it was done on his second go. The last few days, the 15 year old also did two 8b's and one 8b+. Not bad for having 8a+ as a personal best before.
  • Francisco 'Novato' Marín - chapter 1 April 16, 2014
  • Practice of the Wild 8C by James Webb April 15, 2014
    James Webb continous his Swizz rampage by doing quick work of Chris Sharma's Practice of the Wild 8C in Magic Wood. "Tried for like 15 min last year. Was just barely dry today. Had to get on it because you never know when its just going to get soaking wet.. Amazing line from Chris." Yesterday, James did another originally 8C, Entlinge giving i […]
  • 9a by Loic Timmermans (19) in Santa Linya April 15, 2014
    Loic Timmermans has done his first 9a, Fabela pa la enmienda in Santa Linya. It is some 50 m and 120 moves long and took him one hour to send even if there is no no-hands. "There is this *** last crux just before the anchor. I've never screamed in a route but at this one very last move right before the anchor, I just gave everything I had left in m […]
  • Mirko Caballero (13) does Meadow Lark Lemon 8B+ April 15, 2014
  • 2014 USA Sport Climbing Nationals April 15, 2014
    [vimeo 91937198 w=370 h=208]
  • EpicTV presents Magic Wood April 14, 2014
  • TNF Philippines Expedition - El Nido April 14, 2014
    More info here and amzing pics from Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson's exploring expedition of El Nido in the Phillippines. [youtube]
  • Noia 8c+ by Stefano Ghisolfi April 14, 2014
    Stefano Ghisolfi does Noia in Andonno, the first 8c+ in Italy put up more than 20 years ago by Seve Scassa, however it is chipped as many of the hardest routes were at that time. Stefano has been a succesful copetition climber since 2007 and last year he was #10 in the Lead World Cup. (c) Patrik Franza Photo on Instagram.
  • Kalymnos updates - TNF Festival 9-12 october April 14, 2014
    The spring 2014 has been the busiest ever and as an example the biggest climbing hotel, Philoxenia has been fully booked for a couple of weeks. Wild Sports have started their second shop and the new rescue service founded by Alternet, with the equipment donated by Wild Sports, is up and running. The picture from Aris Theodoropoulos shows the rescue team in a […]
  • 8c+ by Loic Timmermans (19) April 14, 2014
    Loic Timmermans had a great 19th birthday by doing Fabelita 8c in Santa Linya and then four days later he did his second 8c+, Fabela. Now he is working the 9a extension. "It's going very well so hopefully I will have the time before the end of the week! In 2012, Loic was the European Youth Champion. "This year I will do ALL the world cups. Unf […]
  • 8B+ by Giuliano Cameroni (16) April 13, 2014
    Giuliano Cameroni has had a good week having done six boulders 8A and harder including The Never Ending Story 8B+ in Magic Woods which is a 20 move link up. You start in the roof down in the right corner of the picture and continue up in the overhang. "I did 1st and 2nd part last summer, but after having decided to climb the full line, it took me two da […]
  • The Story of Two World's 8C by Jan Hojer April 13, 2014
    Jan Hojer has signed up to the impressive list of repeaters to The Story of Two World's 8C in Cresciano. It was set up in 2005 by Dave Graham and the name referred to the previous grade inflation. The 22 year old German, who won one Boulder WC last year, has also done Big Kat 8B+ in Chironico and his scorecard shows a six years straight progress and he […]
  • Save getu from destruction April 12, 2014
    Save Getu reports some chocking news that the the famous beautiful Getu in China is about to get destroyed in order to create a big tourist attraction. Four local guys protesting have been sent to jail for ten days. A Chinese petitition page. "To construct the expanded parking lots and gates, so throngs of visitors can conveniently drive into the peacef […]