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  • Two 8a OS and two 8b+ by Mikel Linacisoro (13) April 23, 2014
    Mikel Linacisoro, one of the best junior slalom skiers in Spain, has done two 8b+, Ollako Mari in Equino and Kale Borroka in Siurana. He has also onsighted two 8a's. Last year, the 13 year old did his first 8c+ and onsighted four 8a+.
  • Two 9a's RP and one 8c (+) onsight for Adam Ondra April 23, 2014
    Adam Ondra has done two 9a's, the FA of Back Road in Rovereto and the classic Underground in Arco. "4 goes in total. First try flash in 2011 - fell off from the top. 2012 - retro flash and fell off from the top. 2014 - retro onsight/flash (as I forgot the sequence) and fell off from the top. Sent 30mis later." In total Adam has done 100+ route […]
  • 8a covers the WC 2014 through Eddie Fowke April 23, 2014
    Eddie Fowke, who runs the The Circuit WC magazine and who is going to most of the WCs in 2014, will make short reports that will be published on 8a. Here he gives some interesting thoughts about the very short 2014 season. "The first thing that stands out about this season is how compact it is. This is a World Championship year and the whole IFSC Boulde […]
  • 8B (A+) by Euan McFadyen (16) after just two years of climbing April 23, 2014
    Euan McFadyen has had a great Easter trip to Magic Wood where he did his first 8A+', Massive Attack and Left hand of darkness, and also his first 8B (A+), Dark Sakai. The hardest boulder Euan had done one year ago was a 7C and the amazing thing is that he started climbing in 2012!
  • 8b+ by Philipp Gaßner (13) April 22, 2014
    Philipp Gaßner has had a great trip to Misja Pec where he did his second 8b+, Missing drink. The 13 year old also flashed two 8a's and did one 8b and a 8a+ second go. Philipp did his first 8a+ when he was 10 and when he was 12 years old, he did Ronin in Frankenjura which actually almost all think is 8c.
  • 9a again by Ramonet April 22, 2014
    Ramón Julian Puigblanque has done his 38th 9a, Leire in Cuenca and it took him three tries. The 159 cm also did his 73 8c+, Seta Negra.
  • 8a by Angie Scarth-Johnson (9) April 21, 2014
    Angie Scarth-Johnson has done three 7c+ an El guardiá 8a in Margalef. "Had a few big moves for me, had to use terrible intermediate, cool climbing with the crux at the top." The last year, the nine year old Aussie did her first 8b, Swingline in Red River Gorge, see the picture. To make the story even more amazing, Angie's parents don't cl […]
  • 6th 8B flash in a year by James Webb April 21, 2014
    James Webb has flashed his sixth 8B the last year, Life, the universe and everything in Zillertal. The runner-up in this flash league has done less than half of what James has done. "Cheers to Jorg (Verhoeven) for cleaning the top. Was able to top it out! One of the best movement boulders I have done. VERY luck to flash this one!
  • Three 8A+ flashes for Alfons Dornauer April 20, 2014
    Alfons Dornauer has had a good week in Magic Wood flashing three 8A+'s and done four 8B's, commenting "soft" for all. In he combined ranking game, the 20 year old is #3.
  • Lucifer 8c+ by Kai Ligthner (14) April 19, 2014
    Rock & Ice reports that Kai Ligthner has done Lucifer 8c+ in Red River Gorge. The amazing thing is that Kai says that he only trains wednesday night after driving 120 km one way after school and that he very seldom climbs outdoors. The 14 year old has anyhow, done several 8b+ and the picture is from last year when he did Southern Smoke 8c (+).
  • 9a by Reffo Silvio in Arco April 19, 2014
    Reffo Silvio has done Biologico 9a in Arco which was bolted by Loris Manzana and which is an extension to a bouldery 8c. The FA was done by Adam Ondra and it has been repeated by Gabri Moroni. (c) Matteo Pavana "Biologica is the true line. I tried the route for the first time last year one day. This year in four days i did it. " Reffo has previousl […]
  • Old-school 8c by Stefano Carnati (15) April 18, 2014
    Stefano Carnati has made the probably fourth ascent of Spirit Walker 8c in Sasso Remenno which was put up in 1991. Last year Stefano won both the Europe and the World Youth Lead Championships. In the European Bouldering Championship he was #2 and he won the three Euro Bouldering Cups. Stefano has previously this year done his first 8c+ and onsighted two 8a+. […]
  • First 8c by Hugo Parmentier (15) April 17, 2014
    Hugo Parmentier who was #2 in the Youth World Champions last year has done his first 8c, Bébéretcho in La Verriere and it was done on his second go. The last few days, the 15 year old also did two 8b's and one 8b+. Not bad for having 8a+ as a personal best before.
  • Francisco 'Novato' Marín - chapter 1 April 16, 2014
  • Practice of the Wild 8C by James Webb April 15, 2014
    James Webb continous his Swizz rampage by doing quick work of Chris Sharma's Practice of the Wild 8C in Magic Wood. "Tried for like 15 min last year. Was just barely dry today. Had to get on it because you never know when its just going to get soaking wet.. Amazing line from Chris." Yesterday, James did another originally 8C, Entlinge giving i […]