* Disclaimer of risk/liability *

Rock Climbing and associated activities are inherently dangerous and potentially deadly. While this website references bouldering and rock climbing activities, this site and its’ contributors do not assume any risk or liability for anyone but themselves. All comments, suggestions, recommendations, reports, and content of these pages are to be considered only opinions from non-expert sources unless stated otherwise. Though efforts are made to insure the information presented within the BoulderingPortal.com web site is accurate, no guarantees are  implied or suggested.

Those interested in Bouldering/Rock Climbing or related activities should obtain professional instruction from a licensed, reputable source, such as a guide, a school, or service.

Risk is the driving element of bouldering/climbing. It is up to you to decide how much risk you are willing to be responsible for; that will determine the level at which you climb. Do not attempt to pursue potentially dangerous sports such as bouldering/rock climbing without appropriate training. Be aware even the best trained and most highly experienced persons are vulnerable to acts of nature. Evaluate your experience honestly before you put your life in danger, and seek qualified instruction and guidance when indicated.

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