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  • Chris Sharma Rampage from 1999 April 4, 2020
  • Santoku 8B by Dorothea Karalus April 3, 2020
    Dorothea Karalus, who previously has done four 8B's, did Santoku 8B in Ticino, six weeks ago. (c) Simon Weisser "The past weeks made me appreciate how lucky we are to experience these intense adventures, to travel freely, to be healthy. I'm for sure more grateful than ever for this. Looking forward to more climbing experiences like this, but f […]
  • Local gyms need our help now April 3, 2020
    Climbing gyms are run with a lot of heart and personal commitment and investment from their founders and operators. During these difficult times due to Covid-19, many climbing gym owners and managers fear that months of closures and restrictions will be life-threatening for their businesses. They cannot afford to have no income for several months, but still […]
  • Stretch suggestions from Klaus Isele April 3, 2020
    Stretching is probably the easiest way to progress for most of us. Here are some advice we published in 2018 from Klaus Isele, MSc D.O. Physiotherapeut and Osteopath of the Austria National Climbing Team, formerly working with Adam Ondra on Silence 9c in Flatanger. "If it’s the case that you always fall off your slab project just because your hips can’t […]
  • French climbers got a 135 Euro ticket April 3, 2020
    In France, you are allowed to go out doing short walks in your close neighborhood but you need to have to carry a paper saying where you live, when you left your home and why etc. It is thus strictly forbidden to go out climbing. Nevertheless, some do and some have got caught having to pay 135 Euros in both Fontainebleau and Céüse and as other crags. There a […]
  • A new sector in Kalymnos to dream about April 3, 2020
    Little Eden is located some 35 min walk or 5 min with boat from Vathy. It is in the shade from 12 o'clock and currently, there are some 25 routes bolted primarily 6a to 7b but there are more potential for easier routes. Aris Theodoropoulos, who took the picture, says that there are no activity at all in Kalymnos as you are just allowed to take short wal […]
  • Eric Hörst on the USA quarantine and hang boarding April 3, 2020
    Eric Hörst. one of the leading climbing trainers the last 20 years, reports from the current situation in USA. "All gyms are closed in the USA. There will be no outdoor climbing for us this in April (and perhaps May) due to stay-at-home orders. Luckily we have a well-equipped home gym with bouldering wall, treadwall, campus board, more than 12 different […]
  • A Swedish gym taking precautions April 3, 2020
    In Sweden, all gyms are open following the official guidelines. Klätterdomen in Göteborg has tried to go further and is offering liquid chalk to everyone. They do also clean much more frequently and they tell both their customers as well as workers to stay at home even if they just have very mild symptoms of a cold. Currently, they estimate a 50 % drop of cl […]
  • 8A (+) in an hour by Irina Kuzmenko April 2, 2020
    Irina Kuzmenko has done Super Djin in Triangular lake. As it only took an hour, she gave it a personal 8A grade. (c) Leo Zhukov "It’s more quiet here in Russia with Covid-19. Today our government made something like a quarantine but it’s not so strict." It should be mentioned that in many countries like Italy, Spain and France it is not allowed to […]
  • Final Testing April 2, 2020
    We’re almost there! Huge thank you goes out to the hundreds of climbers who have helped so far. We've improved and added features based on your feedback and would like to put the site through a final round of testing before going live. To give you some insight, our biggest challenge to date has been retrofitting the original data for the new interface. […]
  • The 2020 Games are scheduled to begin July 23, 2021 April 1, 2020
    All 30 male and female already qualified for Tokyo 2020 will hold their spots. There are still five male and female yet to qualify.
  • Practice and Ethics in rock climbing - Traffic Light April 1, 2020
    In sport climbing, compared to most other sports, there are few written rules or use of referees. Instead, the climbing community creates and circulates their own Practice & Ethics. Beginners are sometimes struggling to understand what is "normal" behavior and what's allowed and what's not. Over time, the general procedure has been mo […]
  • Old popular 8a articles March 30, 2020
    Since 1999, 8a has presented several hundred articles. Here are some of the most visited and commented including one from the famous Norwegian author Jo Nesbö, 6a flash novell on Kalymnos. 8a Glossary Mental games The development of Ethics & Practise Climbers Against Cancer Megos coaches Korb and Matros interview Hörst and his kids progress
  • Fowke reflects of the Covid-19 situation from his quarantine March 29, 2020
    Eddie Fowke, the well known IFSC official photographer who has covering most of the World Cups for ten years, is back home in New Zealand. "It was a pretty dramatic rush back to NZ, and then I had to move straight into self isolation for 2 weeks. Now due to the lock down in NZ that has been moved to 4 weeks minimum. So quiet times here. I've spoken […]
  • Ghisolfi training hard in his quarantine March 28, 2020
    Stefano Ghisolfi has during the last three weeks only stepped outside his house when throwing garbage. The food is delivered to the door. Luckily there is a balcony and a garage with his personal training wall. On his Youtube channel he has presented several training videos including training with a table. (c) Sara Grippo My training routine is always stretc […]

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