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“Last weekend I was given a pass from the wife for a weekend away, It had to be Swiss, I last went to cresciano and brione 5 years ago, and after watching several videos I was keen to go back, My main mission was fake pamplemouse in brione, after spending the whole day on it, ready for the send it started raining 🙁

With only 2 days of climbing, I decided to head to cresciano to try La grotte des soupirs, right up my street, big holds big moves, Got there and did it in just a few tries, so I was happy (sorry about the edited footage as there were about 20 people around the cave and trying to get them all to move is a pain)

My next mission for the day was vitruvian man in chironico, this was a route I wanted do after seeing it all those years ago, unfortunately it rained the night before and then during the day was hot and sunny, so the holds on the lip were too greasy to hold the swing, so I decided just to enjoy the area and climb some nice 7a’s and also matusalem, I saw this on a video and had to go climb it, its amazing, super steep with really good holds.

I had a great days climbing, and can’t wait to get back there and finish of the 2 routes I wanted to climb

Hope you enjoy my little video :)”

Cat Empire – Two shoes

Matusalem 6c+ chironico
Hopper 7a chironico
Urtigrutten 7a chironico
La Grotte des soupirs 7c+ Cresciano
Swinger club 7a+ chironico
Fake pamplemousse 8a Brione

Shot with:
Canon 550d

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