Alex Puccio bouldering in Hueco Tanks 2012

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More power to Girl Power! Alex Puccio bouldering in my favorite place, Hueco Tanks.alex puccio bouldering in hueco tanks


About Hueco Tanks: Hueco Tanks is bar none America’s bouldering mecca. Considering the number of international visitors each year from as far as Europe and Asia, an argument could be made that Hueco Tanks is the world’s bouldering mecca. The climbing here is extremely varied, and there is truly something for everyone, at every grade. Due to it’s abundance of extremely steep and physical climbs, Hueco Tanks is also an excellent area to use as a training ground to get dead strong. It’s truly an amazing place. Hueco Tanks is also a sacred place for numerous Native American tribes. The park is filled with thousand year old cave paintings and even ancient burial grounds. Many Native Americans still consider Hueco Tanks something similar to what we’d think of as a church, and even as a cemetery. As such, care has been taken to balance preservation with access, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has established rules for use of the park. There are four mountains, three of which are accessible only via “guided tours”. 70 people a day are allowed to roam unguided on North Mountain. 60 of those spots can be reserved in advance thru the Austin office (1-800-792-1112-Option 3). Volunteer tours go out Wednesday through Sunday, just sign up for a tour at the Front office when you arrive. Commercial tours are available through several guiding companies, most notable the Hueco Rock Ranch. There tours are slightly more expensive, but offer greater flexibility. Up to 160 people can be in the park on tour in a single day (this does not include the 70 North Mountain spots). That means up to 16 tours can be out. A tour consists of up to 10 clients and 1-3 guides. If you are interested in improving the access issue’s at Hueco Tanks, consider becoming Guide Certified. They hold 2 classes a year, November and May. 16 people per class and 3 days long. Once you are certified you can take out Volunteer and Commercial tours into the backcountry. There is a full service campground in the park as well as abundant camping at the Hueco Rock Ranch. Busiest times of the year are traditionally Thanksgiving and Christmas thru the 3rd week of January. Try to have either park or commercial reservations during this time to ensure access to the park. (915) 857-1135 park headquarters. (courtesy of http://www.rockclimbing.com)

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