Appréhension 7C+, Bouldering in Fontainebleau

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Daniel Olausson Appréhension 7C+ FontainebleauOne of my most memorable sends from the last trip to Font was the one of À Préhension in Coquibus longs vaux. Even though I was totally wrecked after having climbed from early morning to late afternoon that day, I still decided to go and check this problem out, partly thanks to some persuasion from Neil. I had seen it in one of his doses a while back and ever since been very keen to try it. When he told me I would do it in a session I got even more psyched, although I didn’t entirely believe him since that’s what he says about most things. However, after having found my way up there, I figured out a way to do the moves pretty quickly, and then surprised my self by firing the problem first go. I was very happy, very tired and at the same time feeling some bitterness since I then had to go back to Neil and admit to him that he (for once) was right. Read More>>>

Edit: Daniel Olausson

Climber in video: Daniel Olausson

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