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Here are some videos that I edited while still in France. I actually edited 4, but one I’m redoing slightly as it’s a bit boring. The first one below on La Presse Puree has an edit mistake, but I can’t really fix without doing a major redo. Can you spot it?

Also, sorry for the long credits. I’ll make it much shorter in the future. This next video is on a short sloper topout problem in Bas Cuvier. The problem, Banlieue Nord Direct, is actually the finish to a traverse. If you’re tall, it’s rather straight forward, if you’re short…

This next video is in a more obscure area called Roche Du Paradis. Most everything was in the process of becoming overgrown, and this problem had red lichen on the face making smearing quite hard. We probably tried the problem over 25 times combined before having success, for no other reason than to clean it (brass brush comes in handy here, but care must be taken too). Also, I forgot to check the topout, and you get spared some swearing as I tried to summit then downclimb in a tangle of thorny berry vines.

Update: Here are some stills of that last problem.

a view of Delicatessen showing the top.

Jill on Delicatessen

shows the view back to the car on the approach which continues left out of the picture.

la presse-puree
banlieue nord direct_cuvier

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