Bishop Sends by Ethan Pringle

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This video was shot over a two week period in the middle of February 2012 just before ABS 13 Naionals. I realize there is a lack of b-roll… something to add next time.

Boulder Problems:
Stained Glass V10
Stamen Envy V10
Lounge Lizard V11
Mordecai V12
Secrets of the Beehive V5/5.12-
The Swarm V13

Steffen Breivik
Josh Muller
Ethan Pringle

“Peek’a Boo-Part 2” by DJ Signify
“Struck by Falling Object” and “A Blindness Falls”
by telephone Jim Jesus
“Heckles from the Penut Gallery” by Controller 7

Edit: Ethan

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