Caley Roadside with Matt Birch

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I’ve edited footage of Matt sending Ben’s Groove sit (7c+) though he’s done it many times. Considering Caley is his local crag…maybe 5 minutes away, he’s got it wired. Still, he climbed it from the stand and sit several times each, including the sit crux a few more times, and never showed any struggling. Here it is:

Soon, I’ll get to the font footage and do something with it too! ;) I’ve been tackling my vanagon poor mileage problem ever since we returned from hueco in January though I’ve only started since returning from europe in June. Once it’s fixed, we are off again somewhere. Hopefully we’ll be in Squamish by August; too bad since we missed June and July when the temps are usually better.  Is it me or does the camping in Squamish suck? Anyways, back to work… Hope you enjoy the video.
Update: Here’s a larger but cleaner compression of the same video:

Ben’s Groove (sit)
Ben’s Groove (sit)

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