Dark Horse 2013 Series 4 Championship Highlights

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sark-horseAnother great LT11 video highlighting the essence of what bouldering and the comp scene are all about. The Dark Horse looks like a must do comp. I hope to get out there some day!

Metro Rock presents the 4th season of the Dark Horse Bouldering Series. This year, with a 4th competition added to the series, Boston was in for non-stop competition action from October to January. The championship round went down on January 19th in front of a huge crowd. Climbers showed up from around the country to compete in what is quickly becoming the largest competition series in North America.

1st. Isabelle Faus and Daniel Woods
2nd Angie Payne and Nick Picarella
3rd Meagan Martin and Paul Robinson
4th Chelsea Rude and Carlo Traversi
5th Annalisa Flynn and Jimmy Webb
6th Katie Lamb and Vasya Vorotnikov
7th Kasia Pietras and Michael O’Rourke
8th Galina Parfenov and Josh Levin
9th Zoe Liebovitch and Sebastien Lazure

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