FONTAINEBLEAU CLASSICS – Bouldering from 6a to 8a

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Courtesy of Bleau Boulderwear

1:20 Le toit du Cul de Chien, 7a | Cul de Chien

2:28 Beatle Juice, 7a+ | Cuisiniére Crête Sud

4:14 La Balance (sans la prise tailée), 8a | Bas Cuvier

5:11 Holey Moley, 7a | Bas Cuvier

6:26 La Marie Rose, 6a | Bas Cuvier

7:21 Le Carnage, 7b+ | Bas Cuvier

These are the classic boulder, you need to climb, when you visit Fontainebleau! With our strong athletes from Bleau Boulderwear we had a great bouldering session in the beautiful forest of fontainebleau. Asya Grechka and Théo Langlois are climbing old and classic routes in the areas of Cul de Chien, Bas Cuvier and Isatis. These are the ‘must haves’ of the forest! Watch this video for the right beta, inspire yourself and enjoy the Spirit of Fontainebleau.

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