Free Willy ( V10 ) Hueco Tanks

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We are back from Cancun refreshed and ready to start training on the system wall again. Of course I need to drop at least five pounds from beer and nachos, but there are worse things in life to deal with, happy Monday enjoy some Hueco Tanks action.

Yesterday a guy named J Bone said he wanted to do Free Willy. Jason Kehl, his girlfriend Martina and I agreed to go. This was one of the climbs I’ve wanted to do since I started climbing in April of 2012. Its one of the climbs that has always stuck in my head. I was planning to get on it next week but I told myself if I felt good this morning I’d give it a try. Did a few problems in the morning (onsighted Girls of Juarez and did Gloria.) I felt pretty strong and the conditions were awesome! A couple people ended up going over to Free Willy, so I went over to check it out and see if I could work out some of the moves before Jason, Martina, and J Bone came over. It ended up being Alex Johnson and Katie Peters. It was awesome meeting them and having them cheer me on. I almost did it my first go. Then the gang showed up and it was game time. Jason pulled out his camera and started filming. More good climbers showed up and that only got me more psyched to do the climb. This was the result. Hope you enjoyed it!

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