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For any of you that have had a project, this is a great flick demonstrating the trials and tribulations of working and sending a project. The knobby faced problem with the horizontal deadpoint is cool too.

El Tao es vacío,
imposible de colmar,
y por eso, inagotable en su acción.
En su profundidad reside el origen
de todas las cosas.
Suaviza sus asperezas,
disuelve la confusión,
atempera su esplendor,
y se identifica con el polvo.
Por su profundidad parece ser eterno.
No sé quién lo concibió,
pero es más antiguo que los dioses.

Google Translate:

The Tao is empty
impossible to fill,
and therefore, inexhaustible in its action.
In its depth is the origin
of all things.
Softens his rough edges,
dissolves the confusion,
tempers its splendor,
and identifies with the dust.
Because of its depth seems to be eternal.
I do not know who conceived it,
but is older than the gods.


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