Pirmin Bertle sending “Roots in the Basement” 8A+ & more!

| April 1, 2013 | Reply

pirminWhat do you do, when you find yourself in the darkest winter since men do record the darkness of winters? And what do you do, when it is the most humid winter for more than 20 years, too?

You better find some dry and frozen boulders with perfect grip in midst of a lot of snow and just about 10km from your home town. We had this luck about one year ago on the Cousimbert next to Fribourg. And it is not just something climbable but really nice sandstone, space for up to 100 lines and truly high stuff, too. And above all we found some totally logic, pretty hard lines. Like “Underclass poem” SD that is supposed to become the first 8C boulder around, or one of the already sent four lines up from 8A. But have a look yourself…

Thanks to Edelrid and Maiday for supporting me! More infos on lizardclimbing.com


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