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Here is some good footage from Ticino, Switzerland. The rock looks amazing.

Heiko, Tobi and Nico at the “cool” drag on the great blocks in the Swiss “Ticino”.


1.ascent “musher” (Heiko)
“Ballermann” (Heiko)
“Limited Edition” (Heiko)
“Dosage Jump” (Nico and Heiko)
1.ascent “A winter in the ice” (Heiko)
1.ascent “Cold” (Heiko)
“Special Edition” (Heiko)
? “River” (Tobi)
“Sun” (Tobi)
“? Wies-roof” (Heiko)

Petra Müller, Heiko Queitsch and Nico Schaffarczik bouldering in the “Ticino”, with more or less freezing temperatures …. second part ….


Power Ranger (Petra)
Borderline (Heiko)
Karma Police (Heiko)
M.Mule (Nico)
The sickle (Heiko)
Bella gnocca (​​Petra)
Supersize me (Nico)
Vasco de Gama (Petra)
Senza Power “1.ascent”? (Heiko)
Supersize me “flash” (Heiko)
Robins Traverse “1.ascent” (Heiko)

In the third part are “classics”, “lowballs” and “high balls” to see the Magic Wood …


“Strib slowly”
“Joe Slopie”
“Forest Fire”
“Cupcake Monster”
“Fight Club”
“Rhythm and Stealth”
“The monster high ball” 🙂

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