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Valerie and Louie were kind enough to let me come in yesterday to preview and boulder a bit at their new gym prior to the grand opening later this month (April 21). The space is very open and the wall angles are very deceiving. My first thought was the place looks great, but why are all the walls 10-20 degrees overhung (aside from the cave)? Well it is an optical illusion, once I started climbing I realized I was working harder then I should and asked Louie how steep the wall was that I had just climbed. He told me it was 45 degrees overhung, damn I thought for sure it was maybe 20 degrees. When you view the pictures below you will see what I mean. Great big wide open walls, perfect for all kinds of problems.

The gym I believe in it’s current state is 4500 square feet of terrain and once the large boulder is constructed in the middle of the gym it will have over 7000 square feet of bouldering heaven.

Nice job to the entire Factory team, this will be a great addition to the community.

I believe over 170 problems set and ready for the grand opening, April 21, 2012

All the problems are set by the hold color, no tape.

This is the wave wall that I thought was 20 degrees overhung, my bad. The farther you look down the wall you will see this place means business.

Factory Bouldering Gym

1547 W. Struck Ave, Suite A
Orange, Ca 92867

714-639-ROCK or

  • Free bouldering at the grand opening.
  • Over 7000 square feet of terrain.
  • Mad Rock Shoe demo
  • VooDoo retail outlet
  • Local vedor booths
  • Free BBQ and much more!
Click image for more info

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