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the-lcClimbers: Shawn Seifert, Justin Smith, Kenny Houghton, Robin Close and Robert Slingsby.

Areas featured: Rocky Gorge, Mount Gretna, High Ridge, Northwest Branch, and Carderock.

Problems featured include: Tarot V3 FA, Warm Machine V5, Alone and Drowning V4, Mordor V9/10, Coleflesh V5, Bodysnap Sit V6, Islander Sit V9, Elephant Trunk V2 FA, Expectations V5, Chewbacca V4, Crimps V9, Speed of Life V7, Slingsby’s Arete V7 FA, Buckets of Blood Arete V5, Laid Out V5 FA, Knob Job V1 FA, Crystal Baller V7.

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Category: Bouldering Areas, Maryland

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