The new Hueco? Nalle Hukkataival bouldering in Peñoles, Mexico

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Wow! This is an amazing find. For those of you that have not had the pleasure of climbing in Hueco Tanks you have missed some of the best rock on the globe. The rock is brutally strong and lends itself to be featured at any angle. As you may or may not know Hueco has many regulations on bouldering and access is much more of a hassle then in the “good old days”. To find another crag with Hueco like rock is amazing and I am sure this crag will develop into one awesome place for new test pieces. Enjoy this clip of of Nalle bouldering in Peñoles.

Black Diamond athlete Nalle Hukkataival decided to leave behind the bureaucracy of bouldering in Hueco Tanks State Historical Park in Texas and crossed the border into Mexico. Destination: Peñoles, a bouldering area seven hours south of the U.S. border with rock striking similar to Hueco’s but without the onerous rules and regulations. Nalle quickly realized what he had heard of Peñoles was true: the place was virtually untapped, especially in regards to difficult highballs, and quickly set to work at developing a host of high-end, world-class problems.

Videographer Clement Perotti was along for the ride and has edited together a 3-part video series of Nalle and crew’s bouldering adventures in Peñoles. 

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