Tramslot Traverse V7 – Tramway

| August 3, 2012 | 2 Replies

Tramslot Traverse V7 – Tramway Beach Boulders

I was out by myself and the lighting seemed pretty good so I decided to put together a quick video of the problem. Fun route, maybe soft for V7 but ill take it.

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  1. rm says:

    I’m struggling with remembering the original start, but the line is a traverse and finishes along the sloping rail at the far right. You exited early. The original FA went to the very end of the slopers and finished up around the corner. I took it as far as a I could… hence why it’s a traverse. I think the start is as Bouldering Portal says farther left and does a big move to get to that horizontal slot above the where you started. RM

  2. admin says:

    I had originally asked RM this question on the traverse “I thought it started farther left and went big up to the seam.” I had done the FA on the straight up line years ago and remember vaguely when the traverse was sent it seemed to start father left with a big move up to the seem, that said it had to be 15+ years ago, so who knows. Maybe Frank or Andy remember the beta on the start. SS

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