CLIMBING TRAINING: from Cavezzo a tribute to Wolfgang Güllich

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Wolfgang Güllich (24 October 1960 – 31 August 1992), was born in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and is widely considered to be one of the best sport climbers in history;he also invented the modern training technique of campus boarding (pan gullich) in order to climb Action Directe.(first 9a,Frankenjura)
Particular experience of his life was the role of stunt in the movie Cliffhanger – The final challenge, during which he became friends with actor Sylvester Stallone and the other phenomenon of the walls Ron Kauk.He was noted for his skill in climbing without a rope,or free solo climbing like Dan Osman
On August 29, 1992 Wolfgang’s car veered off the Autobahn between Munich and Nuremberg.Two days later he died in a hospital in Ingolstadt, never having regained consciousness.

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