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Author on Acid Wash Right. Happy Boulders

Author on Acid Wash Right. Happy Boulders

Well it has been 14 days since I heard the “POP” in my elbow while campusing, it has been a tough two weeks. I was really feeling I was ready for my next breakthrough and I set myself back once again. The desire for more and more power can be a dangerous recipe and I am a living example. I have had significant pain in my elbow since the injury and really have started to wonder if 2013 was shot. The day after the injury I received some ART treatment from my friend Dr. Vince at Momentum Sports Therapy, I followed that with a Prolotherapy shot last Thursday.

As of yesterday I really have not felt any improvement, in fact the pain increased post Prolo. My fears of a long lay off have been haunting me. In the interim I have tried to do as much cross training, just to stay sane and keep some fitness (a bunch of cardio). I went to see Vince yesterday for more ART and when I left the office my elbow felt significantly better post treatment.

I am proud to announce this morning at least 50% of the pain in my elbow is gone and I really feel like a few more weeks of treatment and taking it easy on the elbow will have me back in action soon.

Good news for sure. Good luck to you all and stay healthy.


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