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Well what do I say “do as I say ,not as I do”. Yesterday I took a good friend bouldering at Truhold. He had only climbed once in a gym years ago, so I was just getting him on a circuit of V0-V1’s. Super mellow day just giving him instruction and showing him some movement techniques to unlock the problem’s code. He was doing great, so I took him into the steep part of the gym to try some steep V0’s just to get a feel for how different the body moves on steeper terrain.

At this point he was finding his forearms getting pumped and his fingers where failing him. He asked how to increase his finger strength and I went through some of the things I do: hang board, grippers and campusing. Here comes the catastrophe I take him to the campus board to show how we train on the board. I warm up on some easy ladders, progress to doubles on the big Metolius rungs and then go to do an easy ladder on the small rungs and hear a “POP” in my elbow.

I have had elbow tendonitis forever in some form, but had never had something in the elbow pop. I have had the fingers pop and I know that is bad. I tried getting back on the wall just to test my arm and I cannot grip anything now with my left hand. My fear is a tendon tear, my hope is a muscle injury. I have been on ice off and on for the last 12 hours, but the pain and the weakness has not subsided.

I am hoping to get to see my sport med doctor today and get some good news. This is the third set back I have had this year and it is becoming much more difficult to keep up this pace as I age and my body does not cooperate with my objectives. I was really hoping to push myself this year and set a new bouldering high point. I am afraid this one may have set me back to the start.

I will keep you all updated on my status as this seems to be a unique injury and if I can help prevent anyone from doing the same or help them with rehab I will post my progress. The other option is my legs are fine and my right arm is great, three limb bouldering may need to be my new training technique.

Stay healthy and here a good workout for the day from P.I.T.

4 rounds

  • 8 battlerope slams
  • 8ea lateral lunge w/ KB crossover
  • 8ea alt. box-repeater hops
  • 400m row (lvl.10)


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