Tough day on the Ranch (the Factory) – UPDATED

| January 10, 2013 | Reply

SS on Over the Boardwalk V7, Tramway

As I mentioned in my last post I have not been resting and pushing myself very hard the last few weeks trying to right all the wrongs over the holidays. Yesterday was a good example of a day I should have taken a break to let everything heal, but I have a tendency to ignore my body’s call for rest and keep pushing on, sometimes this works other times is does not. I hit the Factory bouldering gym yesterday and was toast from warm up to finish; arms, forearms, back and legs smoked from a tough week in the gym. This was the perfect day to rest, but I am some time too stupid to listen to my body.

You must rest in order to heal, this seems obvious, but we all have moments of defiance and try to work through it. Our training is a continual series or events that break down our bodies. If you do not give it the time and the fuel to heal you will eventually just break.

Training is only as effective as your ability to recover. Remember Stevie Haston’s first three rules and live by them.” from Steve Edwards The Straight Dope.

I will try and take it easy today, PIT tomorrow, a light day Saturday (cardio) and hit Truhold Sunday.

OK, I lied I just finished a hangboard workout, so today’s workout is a finger work. Get off your arse and start training!


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