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I am still on the mend as I heal my injured left elbow. I am going a bit batty now that I can do anything except use my left arm. Argg! I have been trying to stay active mixing in a variety of work to minimize this set back. I am going to PT at Momentum Sports Therapy trying to get healthy and hope to be back in action in a few weeks.

In an effort to keep moving I did this modified workout yesterday:

  • Tabata Lockoff’s right hand only: 20 second locks, 10 second rest 8 rounds
  • Tabata Plank 30 sec on 10 second rest
  • Tabata Can openers 20 sec on 10 second rest
  • Tababa Pinches with a 20″ long 4″wide cement brick, 20 seconds on, 10 second rest
  • Finished with 10 one arm inverted ring rows
  • Add a few kipping one arm pull ups
  • I also did a one hour hike earlier in the day sussing out new bouldering on Ortega Hwy.

You can still work while being injured, just be smart about it.

As you all know I train at P.I.T., here is what we are doing this week.

MONDAY 1-21-13
3 rds…
10ea base-switches
15 inv. ring rows
20 squats
25 jumprope double-unders
30 Abmat situps

3 rds…
15ea battlerope chop
10ea walking lunges w/ DB’s
10 pullups
75 sec plank/25 sec superman hold

TUESDAY 1-22-13
(3) 400m run intervals w/ 90 sec rest bet/ efforts

5 rds…
5ea DB snatch
5 box jumps w/ DB’s
8 K2E

Finish w/ 1000m row

Work for 30 min…
30sec dip lockout hold on rings
30sec wall-sit
30sec ea side plank hold
15 KB swings
8 box jumps/ 30sec cliffhanger
10ea sledgehammer swings

THURSDAY 1-17-13
*Bandwork and *Footwork for 3 rds each

4 rds…
8 battlerope slams
8ea lateral lunge w/ KB crossover
8ea alt. box-repeater hops
400m row (lvl.10)

FRIDAY 1-18-13
250m row
1 mile run
250m row
3 rds…
100/75/50 battlerope doubles
200/150/100 jumprope singles (50/40/25 doubles)

Finish w/ 10-15 min yoga!

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