Chonicle’s of and old guy 9-20-12 edition

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Today was tough, little sleep, working behind a computer all day and needed to get out of the office and blow off some steam and get some training in. I work in Laguna Beach about 50 yards from the ocean (poor me). I often cross train in the water by Stand Up Paddling or swimming. When I am not in the water you can usually fins me at the Sport Performance Institute in Laguna Canyon. I have learned a ton on training from these guys, so I like to get in there as often as I can to stay fit.

I trained briefly at Truhold yesterday, just doing circuits of moderates to get a pump and work my endurance base. I typically try to find three problems of different styles and do laps on them. Today I avoided climbing to give my digits a rest and did my own workout at SPI.

Five rounds

  1. 100 touched jump rope
  2. 10 knee to elbows
  3. 10 inverted rows on the Smith Machine (good for roof training)
  4. 10 reverse rope fly’s on the cable machine
  5. 30 second one legged balance on the circular balance disc

I did not time the workout today, but did try to go as fast as possible to keep the HR pegged. I will probably go home and bank a bunch of pull ups to keep building my base for the winter. The goal is to do at least 50-100 a day and some day get to that 600-700 PU a day level (good luck with that one).

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