9-18-12 Workout

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I an effort to track my training I am going to post it here on my blog.

Five Rounds

  • 100 touches jump rope (500 total)
  • 10 push ups (50 total)
  • 10 air squats (50 total)
  • one minute plank (5 minutes Total)
  • 10 pullups (50 total)
  • 30 second two-hand dead hang from a half pad crimp (12 degree overhang)
  • 15 reverse fly’s 5lbs (60 total)

Overall time 21:05, a bit slow as I my 11 year old was training with me and I needed to show him some of the exercises. Good job Luc!



This was followed by:

5-20 move sequences on my hang/campus board for finger and forearm endurance. 2 min rest between reps. (100 total dead hang/campus board moves).

9-18-12 BP Garage Session from Bouldering Portal on Vimeo.

This may not seem like much to some, but helps me stay in shape while I cannot get in the gym or outside. Need to get fit for the winter.

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