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I trained last night at Truhold after my lunch workout at P.I.T. I felt gased from the noon class, but was determined to get some work in, so I just start climbing a bunch of V0-V3’s. Once I warmed up I moved on to sending some V4-V5’s and doing five second locks on V4-V5’s to failure. I was not able to do as much as I expected, but I had fun and had the chance to work on some additional bouldering fitness.

Today I plan to do P.I.T. Here is the workout:

swiss-ball-hip-raise3 Rounds
5ea/5ea/5ea halo/rainbow plate rotations/1-leg Single Led Dead Lift’s
10 back extensions (done on the Physioball)
10 scorpion-scissors (done on the Physioball)
15 toe-bridge (done on the Physioball)
15 ham curls (done on the Physioball)

5 Rounds
30 sec battlerope variations
8 deadlift
400m run

My goal is to finish the day with a full hangboard workout. I am trying to get in at least two and possibly three hangboard workouts in each week.

I will try to time the class, so you have a reference point.

Game on!


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